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 Your child may be involved in the college application process at the moment, or you may be thinking ahead and getting prepared for their future. Either way, securing a great score on the SAT is perhaps the best way for your child to secure a place at the college of their dreams. We’ve offered some more general tips on SAT preparation in the past, but today The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs would like to offer some specific suggestions on acing the writing section of the exam.


Structuring their essay response is key in netting a good score, so sit down with your child and talk through how best to put together an academic essay. They need to begin with a short introduction that introduces their general line of argument followed by 2 or 3 paragraphs containing the argument itself. Top this off with a brief conclusion that summarises the position taken through the essay and you have yourself a perfectly structured SAT essay.


The best way for your child to develop their writing skills is by (you guessed it) writing! Sitting mock exams will teach them how to pace themselves so they write the right amount, how to structure an essay under time pressure, and will get them used to the conditions of sitting exams. The essay writing section of the SAT is currently only 25 minutes long, so it’s essential that your child get at least a little practice writing a full, structured essay within such a short timeframe.


Of course, it’s vital that your child stick to a good study schedule in the weeks before the SAT. Help your child identify any key areas on which they need to focus (perhaps their grammar is a little slapdash) and ensure that adequate time is given to those areas in their study timetable. If they have the time, it’s a very good idea for your child to read up on classics of literature and current affairs so they can show off their knowledge throughout the essay. Learning a few new words is a good way to show off, too!


Nervousness before taking the SAT is natural and is to be expected, but it’s important that it not affect your child’s performance. If they’ve studied hard in the run-up to the test they have nothing to fear, so remind them of this and be reassuring. They need a good night’s sleep before the test, too, so make sure they aren’t staying up all night cramming!

One great way to ensure your child secures a good score on the SAT is to enlist the help of The Tutoring Center. We offer expert support with any academic area and we also provide a specialized SAT/ACT Test Prep program to bolster test-taking skills. Call (770) 222-7133 to arrange tutoring in Powder Springs today.


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