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Finish the School Year Strong

As summer break approaches, it's easy to lose sight of what still needs to be done at school. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of highly important things to get done. Help your child stay on track with these end of year tips.

Set Some Goals

Help your child stay...

Signs That Your Child Could Benefit from Tutoring

If you've considered enrolling your child in tutoring but aren't sure, check out some of the many ways tutoring can help your child excel.

Their Grades Are Slipping

One of the clearest signs that indicate your child could use extra help with their...

How to Know If Your Child Is Suffering from Academic Burnout

Academic burnout is most often experienced by students in higher grade levels who have taken on advanced classes and a lot of extracurricular activities and responsibilities. This post can help you get to know the signs of burnout and...

How to Increase Your Child's Ability to Pay Attention

If your child has a hard time staying concentrated on their homework, use these tips to help them improve their concentration.

Encourage Physical Activity

Without physical activity being included in your child's daily routines, you may notice...

Tips to Help Keep Your Child Organized

If your child has a hard time keeping up with their work due to lack of organization skills, this post can help them get back on track.

Set Routines

Creating daily routines or schedules is a great way to get your child practicing good habits. Start by...

How to Write an Effective Essay

If your child is intimidated by an upcoming essay, help them prepare with these tips.

Pay Attention to the Topic

All essays revolve around one topic. You will either be assigned a topic or you will get to choose one to write about. If you get to choose yours, stick...

How to Help Your Child with Their Homework

Homework time can be your child's least favorite time of the day. Help make it better by being prepared with these simple tips.

Know What to Expect

Knowing what to expect when it comes to your child's homework will help you be better prepared to help....

The Benefits of Reading Tutoring

Reading is a skill that needs to be learned early on in order for your child to excel in school and life. It is very important for your child to become a great reader because this subject is the base for just about all other subjects. Even if your child enjoys...

How Tutoring Can Help Young Learners

Early age tutoring refers to tutoring classes provided to children as young as three years old. While it may sound a bit crazy to tutor a child who hasn't yet entered school, early age tutoring has become more popular recently. It may not be for everyone, but...

The Benefits of Tutoring During Winter Break

As we get deeper into the holiday season, your child is likely becoming more and more anxious for their winter break. Although this break allows them to spend more time with family and enjoy time away from academics, your child should still keep their...


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