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How to Set SMART Goals

Learning to set goals is an important part of life that keeps us on the right track towards success. To help your child develop this habit, introduce them to SMART goal setting. To learn more about what a SMART goal is, keep reading.

Specific Goals

Setting a goal requires a...

These School Year Routines Can Lead Your Child to Success

Starting off the new school year after summer break can be a bit of a struggle for parents and students alike. One of the easiest ways to help your child get back into the groove of things is by returning to old routines that helped them...

Healthy Habits That Can Help Your Child Reach Academic Success

As much as we wish all of our bad habits could just go away, this likely won't happen. What we can do is work on developing good habits that will lead us in the right direction. Teach your child about the importance of good habits and...

Vocabulary Building Tips for Students

Although vocabulary may not sound like the most important subject for students, it is incredibly important in all areas of life. Through a well-developed vocabulary, we are able to become better communicators and understand the world around us. Help your...

Use the Summer to Prepare for College Applications

If your child is planning to apply to college this school year, make the most of their summer break by preparing for college applications before their deadlines arrive. Use these tips to ensure your child is prepared to impress admissions offices...

Use the Summer to Help Your Child Practice Math

If your child simply doesn't want to practice any math this summer break, use these tips to trick them into doing math.

Make Math Fun

Math doesn't always have to be done on a sheet of paper, it can be part of a fun game. Get your family together and...

How to Encourage Summer Reading at Home

Summer break will give your child more free time to enjoy, so why not use it to learn and have fun? Help your child develop a positive reading habit this summer with these simple tips.

Make Reading a Positive

Many students who don't like to read associate...

Some of the Benefits of Summer Tutoring

Summer tutoring may not sound like a fun summer activity to most children, but it can be a great tool for their future. If you can't decide whether or not to enroll your child in a summer tutoring program, consider these benefits.

Prepare for the Upcoming...


Help Your Child Make It Through Their Final Exams

Unfortunately, the end of the school year isn't all fun and games; there are also exams and assessments to worry about. Help your child make it through their exams with these helpful tips.

Focus on Self Care

When students are left facing a pile of...

Help Your Child Overcome Their End of Year Stress

The end of the school year can be stressful for everyone, including parents, teachers, and students. If your child is having trouble coping with their stress, use these tips to help them.

What Can Cause Stress for Students

There are many causes...


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