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Easy Ways to Make Mornings Before School Easier

It doesn't take much for a household to erupt into chaos on a morning before school. With multiple children trying to get ready for school and parents getting ready for a full day of work, it's easy to see why mornings can be a challenge. To make...

How to Make Homework Time a Breeze

Most students don't look forward to doing homework, so it's no surprise it can take them quite a while to get it done. In fact, sometimes that act of just getting started can take forever to work up to. To help your child be more efficient when it comes to...

Tips to Make Moving to a New School Easier

Starting a new school year can be stressful, but now imagine starting the new school year at a brand new school. It's not hard to imagine why this can be stressful or even downright scary for students. If your child is in this boat, use these tips to...

Get Ready for a New School Year

The new school year is approaching quickly. Even if your child isn't excited about summer coming to an end, it will help them immensely if they take the time to prepare for the new school year. To ensure they're prepared to take on the new academic year, use these...

Tips to Encourage Your Child to Read This Summer

Reading can be tons of fun, but it can take some students a bit of time to discover the joy of reading. This summer, encourage your child to read and discover their love for reading. To get them started, check out these summer reading tips.



Summer Learning Activities

Most students look forward to summer break all year, but once it arrives, they don't plan to do much with this free time beyond sleeping and chatting with friends. This summer, don't let the summer slide affect your child by adding these fun and educational activities...

Stop Homework Procrastination

Students tend to have a lot of after-school commitments, making it easier for your child to blow off homework for something more fun. While they may not think this is a big deal, it can take a toll on their learning. Instead, ensure your child gets their homework...

Study Tools to Make Studying More Effective

Studying isn't quite what it used to be. Nowadays, students have much more than textbooks and notecards when it comes time to study for a test. All the electronics in their life can also serve an educational purpose. To help your child make the most of...

Help Your Child Have Their Best Presentation Yet

It's no secret that most students aren't fond of class presentations because they involve some form of public speaking. If your child has a presentation coming up that they need help preparing for, teach them these simple tips.

Focus on the Visual...


Help Your Child See Why Math Matters

Since most students aren't fond of math, it can be easy for them to dismiss the subject as unimportant. In reality, math is a crucial subject that can make your child's life easier. To help your child see just how important it is, give them these real-life...


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