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Signs That Indicate Your Child Is Burned Out

Academic burnout is something many students are affected by, but they don't understand how serious this issue is. If you suspect your child may be burned out, these tips can help you figure it out.

What Is Academic Burnout?

Academic burnout goes...

How to Reduce Your Child's Screen Time

Now more than ever, it's not uncommon for children to spend most of their day in front of a screen. While this may seem like the norm now, it's not necessarily a good thing. Not only can spending too much time in front of a screen lead to physical health...

How to Help Your Child Improve Their Grades

If your child is having a hard time keeping their grades up at their usual level, you can help them get back to their best. Before their grades drop any lower, use these tips to help your child improve their grades.

Review Your Child's Homework

An easy...

Time Management Tips to Teach Your Child

If your child often complains that they don't have enough hours in a day for all of their commitments, they may just need to organize their time better. To help your child make the most of their time, teach them these time management tricks.



How to Improve Mental Math Skills

Mental math may sound like a major challenge, but it really isn't as hard as most students think it is. In many cases, just the mention of math is enough to make students panic. To help your child move past this and improve their quick math skills, use these...

Tips for Better Handwriting

Whether your child is just learning to write or simply has trouble keeping their handwriting neat, there are definitely easy ways to tidy up their writing. To help your child improve their penmanship, check out these tips.

Slow Down When Writing

It's not uncommon for...

How to Get Your Child Reading Aloud

Students who are just learning to read may be shy when it comes to showcasing their skills by reading aloud. If they still have to pause to sound out words or if they read slowly, they may be intimidated by other, more skilled readers. Even so, reading aloud...

Fun Activities for Your Child's Winter Break

Winter break is just about here, so your child is probably looking forward to sleeping in and eating tons of holiday treats. Break up these periods of relaxation with some fun and educational activities that will keep them on their toes.

Make Time to...


How to Help Your Child Through Exams

As the midyear point of the school year gets closer, so do exams. This time during the school year can get quite stressful for students, so it's important that parents do their best to help out. This doesn't mean you should study for your child or do their...

Help Your Child Get Through the Midyear Slump

Although they may deny it, most students are excited for the beginning of the school year. Even if they aren't looking forward to studying and homework, the newness that surrounds everything makes it at least a little exiting. By the midyear point,...


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