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Here at The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs, Georgia, we help children improve their academic skills. Will they remember what we teach them? We certainly hope so. Psychologists today describe the term "memory" with three important aspects of information processing: Encoding, Storage, and...
Learning how to spell properly isn’t just a matter of knowing how to write. It has to do with having a better knowledge of your culture, being able to make yourself understood more effectively, and becoming a better reader, writer, and a more competitive suitor in the business world. 

This is...
 Your child may be involved in the college application process at the moment, or you may be thinking ahead and getting prepared for their future. Either way, securing a great score on the SAT is perhaps the best way for your child to secure a place at the college of their dreams. We’ve...
Being prepared for class is a very important part of ensuring that your child will be able to learn effectively in school. This is why, in this post, The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs will share a few tips on how to help your child be ready to take on their classes. 

How to Prepare Your...

Just as you have an office that sets the right mind frame to focus, your children also need a study space at home. The kitchen counter, bed or living room aren’t the most suitable places to carry out an activity that demands concentration, as they lack certain requirements that are necessary to...
When your child is young, it is crucial to take time at home to help improve his or her writing skills. Perhaps while you are encouraging education over winter break you can consider implementing some of these writing techniques with your child. The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs would like to...
When winter break comes around, we know that it’s common to have a grand list of things to accomplish and that, since your child isn’t in school, it may be easy to forget about education for a while and focus on fun. It’s important to remember to continue encouraging your child in academic...
Notebooks are an important part of your student life because that’s where you keep your most fundamental study material, your notes. If you don’t want them to become messy and disorderly, and to make sure they can serve their purpose of helping you study, follow these tips The Tutoring Center in...
Dear diary, today we at The Tutoring Center would like to offer our readers some information on why keeping a journal can make their child happier and even perform better at school. We hope they’ll find it interesting!

Journals help develop your child’s fine motor skills

If you have a young child,...
Reading will be a vital component of your child’s education from the very beginning through the very end. Make sure that your child not only excels as a reader but enjoys it too by following this guide, courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs.

Set a good example

Getting involved with your...


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