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How to Teach Your Child Social Skills

You may not have considered how important social skills are until you notice your child struggling to connect with their peers. If you're worried that they're having trouble making friends or connecting with those around them, these tips can help them develop better social skills.

Practice Conversation Skills

For most people, a conversation is just something that flows. For children, this can still be a bit of a challenge. To help your child out, practice some basics with them, such as how to start a conversation with someone and how to keep it going. They can practice forming questions based on what their conversation partner says or does. Empathy is also a big part of this, so work on reading how the other person is feeling.

Enroll Them in Activities

Your child will have an easier time having a conversation and connecting with those around them when they feel comfortable. Get to know your child's interests and enroll them in an activity they're excited to participate in. Since they'll be surrounded by other students who share a similar interest, they'll have an easier time expressing themselves and making friends.

Understand Your Child's Limits

Not all children will be social butterflies, and that's ok. Some students are more reserved or have an easier time interacting with others in less crowded spaces. Give your child time to develop their skills and meet people they really connect with.

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