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How to Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is something all students deal with at some point in their academic career. Unfortunately, this doesn't usually end well and can lead to more stress related to school. To ensure your child successfully avoids procrastination, teach them these tips.

Lay It All Out

If your child tends to procrastinate when it comes to doing homework and studying, the best way to combat this is by laying out all of their tasks in front of them in an organized manner. Have your child create a list of everything they need to get done so that it's not all just floating around in their head. Once it's all on paper, organize this by importance so that they can start tackling each item one at a time.

Create Realistic Goals

Your child may have a lot to get done, but all of their homework and studying may not be for the next school day. If this is the case, they can pick the most important items and plan to get these done along with a couple of others that they have more time for. Instead of just saying they'll get them done, have them turn these into goals. This means they can choose what items to tackle and set a time limit by when they will be done. This will help them stay on task instead of getting distracted.

Remove Distractions

Finally, distractions are a big part of procrastination. To ensure your child stays on task and is able to complete their work, remove any and all distractions from their work area. If you know they get distracted by their phone or tablet, make these off-limits until their work is done. If they can't get through their work because they're hungry, provide them with a healthy snack.

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