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Get Ready for a New School Year

The new school year is approaching quickly. Even if your child isn't excited about summer coming to an end, it will help them immensely if they take the time to prepare for the new school year. To ensure they're prepared to take on the new academic year, use these back to school tips.

Goals and Expectations

To ensure this school year is a success, be sure your child takes the time to set some clear goals for the school year. These goals should be specific and easy to measure so that they can check on their progress as the school year move forward. It's also important that you, as a parent, set clear expectations for your child. Talk about these together so you're both clear on what you're working towards this school year.

Finish Summer Assignments

If your child has some summer homework to finish by the end of their summer break, be sure they're actually getting it done. If they haven't started, help them create a plan that ensures they'll get it all done before the first day of school. Not doing this homework can put them at a disadvantage since they'll be starting the school year already behind.

Practice Makes Perfect

Heading back to school means a return to school year routines. If your child has been staying up late, sleeping in, and not doing much academic work, getting back into the groove of things can be hard. To make this transition easier, start pushing their bedtime back towards their normal bedtime, have them start getting up earlier, and get in the habit of completing schoolwork. Starting this at least a month before their first day back can make it all much easier.

Academic Tutoring in Powder Springs GA

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