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Students are often bombarded with exams during the spring months. Whether they're worrying about final exams, AP testing or state standardized tests, it's important that they do well on all of them without feeling too stressed or burnt out. To help your child prepare, The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs has put together some helpful suggestions.

Give Yourself Enough Time to Study

No matter what kind of exam your child is studying for, they should give themselves enough time to study and prepare. Even if the test they're anticipating isn't for another couple of weeks, create a study schedule, so your child has enough time to review their notes fully and feel comfortable with the material. This is also a great way to avoid cramming, a habit that tends to increase stress without actually helping your child retain information.

Find the Right Study Space

Now that you've set up a study schedule, help your child find the perfect study space. If your child is a solitary learner, they will benefit from having a quiet space in your home where they can concentrate on their study material on their own. If your child learns better in social settings, allow them to host study groups in your home. Keep an eye on your child's studying, whether they're doing it in a group or alone, in order to ensure they stay on track.

Practice Healthy Habits

Healthy habits may not be considered important when it comes to academics, but the reality is they can make a large difference. Do your best to help them get eight hours of sleep the night before an exam. This will ensure they can focus during the test and will also help their brain to recall information better. Don't let them skip out on breakfast the day of the test. Eating a healthy meal before heading out to a test will also help them to concentrate and feel more relaxed as they work. Avoid greasy foods that can cause more stress.

Get Extra Help With Tutoring in Powder Springs, Georgia

If your child needs extra help preparing for an exam, The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs can help. Our one-to-one tutoring will provide the specialized help your child needs. Check out academic programs and how they can help your child. Contact us at (770)222-7133 for more information or to schedule your free consultation!


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