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How to Improve Mental Math Skills

Mental math may sound like a major challenge, but it really isn't as hard as most students think it is. In many cases, just the mention of math is enough to make students panic. To help your child move past this and improve their quick math skills, use these tips.

Play Math Games

There are tons of math games that can help your child improve their quick thinking math skills. Beyond apps and games that can be downloaded on your smartphone and tablet, there are also games that you can play at home with the family. For example, if your child is learning their multiplication tables, play math BINGO. To do this, make BINGO playing cards with the product of different equations. Next, make cards with the corresponding equations that you will pull out randomly. Call out the equations as they come up and mark off the product if it happens to be on your playing card.

Read Math Books

Math books are a great tool because they combine two skills in one activity. Look for storybooks or even books full of different riddles that put math front and center. When reading a storybook that includes math, pause when you get to a problem and work with your child to solve it. Once you have the answer, continue reading to check it. This quick thinking will help your child sharpen their mental math skills.

Memorize the Basics

Memorization is often frowned upon in academics, but when it comes to basic math, this is a great way to conquer mental math. Help your child practice their multiplication tables and memorize them so that they can take one step out of a larger math problem. Introduce timed tests to help them increase their quick thinking skills.

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