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SAT Prep Tips for Students

As your child's SAT test date gets closer, you want to be sure they're as prepared as possible for the exam. To help them feel prepared and ready, focus some of your attention on things beyond just studying. Start off by checking out these tips that can help your child reach their best score yet.

Get to Know the SAT

The first step your child should take to feel better prepared for the SAT is getting to know what the exam includes and how it's all organized. Do some research on the different sections included in the test, what skills these focus on, what types of questions they include, and how much time is given for each section. You may be surprised to learn that the SAT has changed quite a bit since you took it.

Be Prepared for Your Exam Day

Don't let all of your child's prep and studying go to waste by allowing them to show up on their test day without the necessary tools and items. Make a list of the items your child will need to take with them on their test day so that they don't get turned away at the door. This list should include a photo ID, their admission ticket, number 2 pencils, an eraser, and an approved calculator.

Practice Test Taking Strategies

Your child's study efforts shouldn't solely focus on studying math and reading. There should also be a focus on test-taking strategies that can help them reach a better score. For example, your child may not know that there is no penalty for wrong answers, so it's best to answer all of the questions even if they're not completely sure about the answer. Other things to work on include time management skills, process of elimination for multiple choice questions, and looking for context clues in written passages.

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