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Help Your Child Get Through the Midyear Slump

Although they may deny it, most students are excited for the beginning of the school year. Even if they aren't looking forward to studying and homework, the newness that surrounds everything makes it at least a little exiting. By the midyear point, however, all of this excitement may be gone and your child may be left feeling unmotivated. Help them make it past this point with these tips.

Shake up Their Routines

Routines are a great way of ensuring that your child has some structure to help them make it through the day efficiently. The problem with routines, however, is that they can get boring. This doesn't mean that you should throw your child's routines out the window and hope for the best. Instead, use the midyear point to assess how their routines are working or aren't working. Identify factors that can be improved and make the necessary changes. You may find that even a small change can help your child feel a little more motivated and little less bored.

Check in on Goals

If your child made school year goals at the start of the year, the midyear point is the perfect time to check in on these. Take a moment to sit with your child and assess their progress together. Recognize the hard work they've put into reaching their goals and talk about the obstacles they've encountered. Help them make the necessary adjustments where needed and give them a pep talk to help them stay motivated on their way to accomplishing their goals.

Make Things Fun

The school year may feel like it's never going to come to an end, which can make students feel unmotivated. Fight this feeling by keeping things fun. Look into incentives that can help your child get excited about school. For example, take your child out to a museum as a treat for studying hard on a test and performing well on it.

Tutoring in Powder Springs GA

If your child could use a bit of extra help keeping up with classes at the midyear point, tutoring in Powder Springs is a great option. Contact The Tutoring Center, Powder Springs GA at (770) 222-7133 to enroll your child in one of their many academic programs.


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