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Strategies to Help Your Child Perform Well on Exams

If your child struggles with test-taking, help them perform their best with these test-taking strategies.

Before the Exam

Before any exam, the best way to prepare is by studying. To avoid cramming and the added stress this causes, ensure that your child starts preparing in advance. As soon as they find out the date of an important exam, help them come up with a study plan. Designate daily study hours that will allow them to calmly prepare over the span of a couple of weeks instead of on the night before the test. Another useful tip is to plan out the day of your child's exam. Set a bedtime that will allow them to get plenty of rest and that will ensure they have enough time to eat a healthy breakfast and head out the door calmly.

During the Exam

Once your child is in the classroom, they should think positively in order to perform their best. Teach them to trust in their abilities and rely on their preparation. If your child tends to get nervous, help them practice some breathing techniques to keep calm and focused during the test. Once your child receives the test, they should read over the directions carefully and ask questions about anything that isn't clear. Time management is another important strategy to practice. Your child should answer the easy questions first and then go back to the harder questions. This will help them reduce the amount of time they waste during the exam. Finally, if they have time, it's always a good idea to review their answers and make any necessary corrections.

After the Exam

Whether your child got the grade they wanted or something lower, they should review their answers and understand why each question was right or wrong. If they don't understand why something was wrong, encourage them to ask the teacher for clarification. Save old exams since these can be used to study for future exams.

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