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How to Find an Effective Tutor

If your child is struggling to keep up in class, you're probably considering enrolling them in tutoring. While this is a great idea, you also have to be sure that your child's tutor can get the job done. To ensure your child gets the help they need, look for the following qualities in their tutor.

Patience Is Key

Patience is a quality all tutors should possess because it takes time for students to really absorb their lessons. Most students who attend tutoring are there because they need extra help understanding their material, so their tutor must be patient. If your child's tutor gets frustrated easily, your child may feel discouraged and afraid to ask questions. They may even pretend they understand a lesson just to move past it.

Teaching Abilities

Just like teachers, tutors should be able to communicate information in an effective manner. It's not enough for the tutor to understand the material, they should also have the skills to teach it to children. This means they will have to know what vocabulary to use with students of different ages and what techniques can get the information across better.

Experience With the Subject

This brings us to our next point. Your child's tutor should have plenty of experience with the subject. They shouldn't be figuring it out as they go but rather they should be ready to answer your child's questions. You wouldn't want someone who doesn't know how to play the piano to give your child piano lessons, and the same goes for tutoring.

Start With an Assessment

In order for tutoring to be most effective, your child should start off with an assessment. This will help clear up what areas your child struggles with most and what areas they've mastered. Their results will inform their tutor about where to start and what areas to focus the most attention on. Without an assessment, time may be wasted on things your child already knows.

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