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How to Get Your Child Reading Aloud

Students who are just learning to read may be shy when it comes to showcasing their skills by reading aloud. If they still have to pause to sound out words or if they read slowly, they may be intimidated by other, more skilled readers. Even so, reading aloud and developing these skills is an important part of their growth. Encourage your child to practice with these tips.

Don't Push Your Child too Hard

If you read aloud to your child and are hoping they'll join in, wait until they're comfortable doing so. It is a good idea to encourage them to read to you, but if they're still too shy to do so, avoid pushing them into it. This can make them more nervous, leading them to make more mistakes. Instead, continue reading to them while using your index finger to point to what you're reading so that they can follow along. It may also help to read aloud together before pushing them into reading aloud on their own.

Let Them Practice With an Audience

Your child may be too nervous to read aloud to you, but they may not feel the same way when it comes to reading to other audiences. If you have a pet at home, your child may enjoy practicing their skills by reading to the family dog. If your child has younger siblings, they may also feel good about themselves after reading to their baby brother or sister.

Allow Mistakes to Slide for Now

Your child is going to make mistakes while reading aloud, and that's ok. While it is helpful to correct their mistakes, don't stop them for every single mistake since this can ruin their reading confidence. Instead, correct larger mistakes, help them sound out words, and focus on the gains they're making. Tiny mistakes will be cleared up along the way.

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