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Help Your Student Develop Better Oral Reading Skills

For your child to be a great reader they need to develop a set of reading skills that all work together. One of the skills they must master is their oral reading fluency, or their ability to read fluently. To help them develop these skills, use these tips.

Read Together

Even if your child can't read yet, reading out loud to them can put them on the right track to becoming a great reader. By pointing to words as you read them, your child may start to associate the words you say with the written words you're pointing to. Making these connections early on can help them learn to read faster and can even instill a love of reading in them.

Correct Reading Mistakes

As your child starts learning to read, make some time to read with them daily. You can take turns reading out loud while the other person follows along silently. If your child has trouble pronouncing or reading a word, help them figure it out. Once they know how to read it properly, have them repeat the entire sentence. This will reinforce the new word while also ensuring they understand what they're reading.

Listen to Books

Listening to a recording of a book as they read along silently can help students' reading fluency. Listening to a clear reading of a text can help a child's pronunciation, reading speed, and can even help them learn to read with different punctuation.

Reading Tutoring in Powder Springs GA

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