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Time Management Tips to Teach Your Child

If your child often complains that they don't have enough hours in a day for all of their commitments, they may just need to organize their time better. To help your child make the most of their time, teach them these time management tricks.

Create Checklists

Getting in the habit of creating checklists is incredibly useful. By keeping a tidy and organized list of all the tasks they need to complete, your child will be more likely to stay on task instead of wasting time trying to figure out what to do next. Not only will they be able to visualize everything they have to get done, but they can also visualize their progress as they check off their completed tasks.

Use a Planner and a Calendar

If your child doesn't already use these tools, now is a great time to start. Teach your child to use a planner to write down all of their daily homework assignments and make note of upcoming tests, quizzes, and presentations. They can also write these into a calendar along with social activities, their work schedule, and anything else that take up their time. With all of this clearly laid out, it will be easier for your child to plan how to use their time more effectively.

Have Realistic Expectations

Sometimes students can have too much on their plate, so the key is to set realistic expectations that won't overwhelm your child and lead them to get burnt out. Having too much to do and always falling short of completing their to-do list can cause your child to lose their motivation, so stop and evaluate just how much they have on their plate.

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