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Why Early Math Is Important

Although your child interacts with math daily even before starting school, it's important to take that math learning another step forward. Establishing early math skills can make a huge difference in your child's academic career, so it's worth taking the time to establish a solid math foundation before your child even enters kindergarten.

Math Skills Before Kindergarten

Most children start to learn math pretty early on, even if you don't actively teach them math skills. Sorting toys, playing with shapes, and counting items are all ways your child may already be learning math. While this is great, it's important that you take this further. Most students will enter kindergarten with a strong set of math skills, which will be essential for further math learning. Help your child establish a strong math foundation by including math in their daily activities.

Why Math Matters

Math can be a tough subject for most students, but this is often because they didn't establish a strong math foundation during their early school years. By helping your child start off their academic career with a solid math foundation, you can help them reach higher math levels later on. Not only are students with early math skills more likely to do better in math, but they are also known to perform better in subjects like reading and literacy.

What Math Skills to Teach Your Child

A good place to start is with counting and number recognition. Most students have this down by the time they enter kindergarten, but you shouldn't stop here. Children should also learn counting cardinality, the ability to recognize that the last item counted in a set is also the total number of items in that set. Simple addition and subtraction can be mixed into their playtime as well.

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Tutoring in Powder Springs can help students of all grades sharpen their math skills. Contact The Tutoring Center, Powder Springs GA at (770) 222-7133 to learn about their math tutoring programs and how these can help your child reach academic success.


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