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Tutoring in Powder Springs, GA


How Tutoring Can Help Your Student

Tutoring is beneficial, and it's been proven. Specifically, researchers at the University of Chicago's Urban Education Lab have found that a tutoring program can significantly improve a student's academic outcomes. Their study, which involved 2,718 Chicago area high school students, showed that participants in a tutoring program reduced failing grades in math by more than 50%, and that the average student increased their math performance by more than half a letter grade. These findings are clearly significant in that they reaffirm the efficacy of individual tutoring programs.

One-to-One Instruction

The study mentioned above was based on a Chicago program called "Match." A key component of the program was that it provided one-to-one instruction to students, rather than the typical group setting of a classroom. The one-to-one instruction, similar to what our programs provide here at the Tutoring Center, provided the students with a form of individual tutoring that proved highly beneficial. Students come in all shapes and sizes, and each child learns in a slightly different manner. Individual instruction allows an educator to tailor the material to that particular student's strengths, which also means less time wasted on material presented via teaching methods that won't resonate due to their incompatibility with the recipient's learning style.

Tutoring in Powder Springs, GA

If you think your child can benefit from extra math help, or help in any other school subject, please call us today at (770) 222-7133. Here at the Tutoring Center our proven programs are based on one-to-one instruction, and will help get the best out of your child. We also offer a Free Diagnostic Assessment to all prospective students, so contact us today and lets get started helping your child succeed.


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