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Why Your Child Should Take the SAT in the Fall

Taking the SAT can become a huge stressor for most students. Since they feel like their entire future is riding on this one test, they can even get overwhelmed while simply studying for it. Taking it in the fall of junior year can make it less daunting for a number of reasons.

Focus Fully on the SAT

Fall quarter can be one of the least stressful times to take the SAT because your child isn't going through finals or dedicating time to other end of year exams, like AP tests. By taking it in the fall, they'll be able to focus their efforts on preparing for the SAT without feeling much pressure to study for other huge exams.

Lose the Stress Around the Test

If your child takes the SAT during the fall of junior year, they can retake it a few more times in order to get a better score. This first attempt at the test can be stressful, but once they've gone through the entire testing process once, they'll be less worried the next time around. They can use this first time to get to know the test, understand the types of questions asked, and get used to the timing. If they take it again, they'll be better prepared and more relaxed, which can result in a better score.

Study for the SAT Over the Summer

Since the summer is when your child is likely least busy and has more free time to dedicate to studying, this is the perfect time to prepare for the SAT. This summer studying can make a huge difference come fall, so it's a great idea to schedule your child's SAT test date for the fall.

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