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Tips for Acing Multiple-Choice Tests

As mid-terms approach, it is time to brush up on test-taking strategies. Here are a few tips to help you ace your multiple-choice section.

Create Your Own Answer

Before reading any of the options you have, formulate your own answer to the question. Having an idea of what you are looking for already in your mind will increase your concentration, exercise your memory, and help you identify the correct response.

Eliminate Wrong Answers

Scratch off answers that are obviously incorrect so you do not focus any more attention on them. If you can eliminate two options, you may have doubled your chances of choosing the right one.

The Golden Mean

We can often be drawn to the extremes when considering answers with numerical values. Test-makers know this tendency and take advantage of it to fool you. If you are not sure of the exact answer, you can usually eliminate the lowest and the highest values, and choose between the middle range.

Devil in the Details

Answers that provide more descriptive details are often correct. False answers are usually short and made up quickly, so they are usually easy to spot. If in doubt, go for the longer option.

Similarity in Answers

If you have two answers that seem similar, splice them apart and analyze them in detail. One of them may be correct and the other altered slightly to make it false.

Beware of NOT TRUE

Some multiple-choice questions may ask you to identify the statement that is not true. In this case, you will be eliminating correct statements, because the right answer is false.

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