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Reading will be a vital component of your child’s education from the very beginning through the very end. Make sure that your child not only excels as a reader but enjoys it too by following this guide, courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs.

Set a good example

Getting involved with your child’s reading is by far the best way to lead them to love it. If they experience reading as a positive activity, and see you enjoying it too, they’re likely to form positive attachments and become lifelong readers.

Create a reading space

Set up an area in your home dedicated to reading, fill it with books, and allow your child to decorate it and arrange it as they wish, and you’ll find that they are extremely eager to spend time in their new library. Viewing it as ‘their space’ will also help make reading an activity they engage in independently, rather than them feeling coerced, which will also help make reading a lifelong habit.

Offer incentives

Positive reinforcement is a great tool in habit-forming. Make sure to offer rewards to your child if they are engaging well with reading. These rewards don’t need to be extravagant, in fact they don’t even have to be material gifts. Simple praise is often enough to let your child know that they’re doing the right thing.

Stay in the loop

Make sure you are aware of your child’s progress at school so that you can reward them for their progress or learn about things they may need help with. It’s also a good idea to keep on top of what it is your child is studying so that you can tailor their reading at home to fit with it.

Reading is a great skill, but it’s important that your child remain well-rounded. Follow our guide to helping your child improve their math, too, and there will be no stopping them!

To ensure that your child receives the best support, schedule a free diagnostic assessment with The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs which will identify any academic areas in which your child would benefit from additional help; our tutors can then provide any assistance needed, be it with reading, grammar, math or otherwise. Call (770) 222-7133 to schedule tutoring in Powder Springs today.


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