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How to Encourage Summer Reading at Home

Summer break will give your child more free time to enjoy, so why not use it to learn and have fun? Help your child develop a positive reading habit this summer with these simple tips.

Make Reading a Positive

Many students who don't like to read associate this activity with something negative. Whether they've been forced to read as a punishment or don't enjoy it because they haven't developed the skills for it, there are always ways to turn it into a positive. If your child struggles with reading, enroll them in reading tutoring so that they can improve their skills and enjoy books. Instead of using reading as a punishment, turn it into a reward. Give your child a new book as a reward for something well done. This will work best if you give them a book they've expressed interest in.

Read Together

Children, especially younger ones, imitate what they see at home. If you don't read, neither will they. Set the right example by reading after dinner instead of watching television or read the newspaper in the morning as you have breakfast. You can also set aside time every day to read with your child. Doing so can help them develop a lifelong reading habit.

Reading Incentives

Many libraries host summer reading programs that reward students each time they read a certain number of books. Check with your local library to see if they are hosting something similar. The incentives and rewards used may be enough to fill your child's days with plenty of reading.

Summer Tutoring in Powder Springs GA

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