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Encourage Math Practice This Summer

Math is generally one of the most despised school subjects because it can be quite tricky to grasp complicated terms and equations. One of the best ways to ensure your child doesn't dread math time is by helping them build a strong math foundation early on. To get your child practicing their math skills this summer, follow these tips from The Tutoring Center, Powder Springs GA.

Summer Money Practice

Money can be tricky for small children to understand because of all the bills, coins, and decimals involved. To help your child start learning to count money, begin by having them sort coins and bills in order to make sure they understand there is a difference between each one of these. Next, assign values to each set of coins and bills. Once they understand this, teach them to make change by coming up with equivalencies. For example, teach your child that five pennies are equal to one nickel and that 10 pennies are equal to one dime. Start slow and use your summer activities, such as grocery shopping, to practice money skills.

Fractions and Food

A fun and delicious way to help your child understand fractions and wholes is by using food. Round items, such as cookies and cakes, make a great base for dividing and creating fractions in the kitchen. For example, cut a cookie in half and explain to your child that two halves make a whole. You can cut the halves in half to make quarters and ask your child how many quarters make a half and how many make a whole. These activities may seem quite simple, but for a child who is just starting to learn these terms, these activities can be a challenge.

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