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When it comes to teenagers applying for summer jobs, parents have a lot of knowledge and experience that can really give them an advantage. In this post, The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs has some ideas on discussion points about summer jobs for parents and their teenagers.

Keep it casual.

Babysitting and tutoring your neighbor with math help are just some of the great ways for your teenager to earn money over the summer. Think about what skills they excel at and identify any transferrable skills.  For example, is your teenager great with computers? Why not make small cards advertising their service to fix neighbor's computers, or introduce people to the internet. Many people may feel more comfortable getting these types of services from people in their own neighborhood, and people that they know.

Consider working two jobs.

Remember that these are summer jobs, not careers. If your teenager is able to find a job however does not receive many hours, encourage them to continue looking for other jobs that they can work concurrently. While the idea of two jobs may be overwhelming, remind them that each job is only for a short period of time, and usually on different days.

Take it offline.

Everybody knows that the easiest way to find a job is online and it is where a lot of summer jobs are. But when it comes to finding a summer job, don’t limit yourself to chain stores or the most popular places to work. Plenty of local places around your area could be looking for some help over the summer, but aren’t internet savvy. Look for signs in the window of your local stores, or ask if they are interested in a summer hire.

When discussing work with your teenager, it’s important to share your experiences and tips.  Alongside your teaching, reading, writing, and math help through one-to-one instruction or private tutoring in Powder Springs is a great way to give them the advantage. Call us today at (770) 222-7133 for more information.


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