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Just as you have an office that sets the right mind frame to focus, your children also need a study space at home. The kitchen counter, bed or living room aren’t the most suitable places to carry out an activity that demands concentration, as they lack certain requirements that are necessary to learn. If you are wondering how to create an effective study space at home, at The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs, we would like to share a few helpful ideas. 

Your Children’s Style

When it comes to study, everyone has its own personal style and requirements. It’s crucial to find out the learning style of your children, so you can find a place in your home that adapts to it. The bedroom may seem like a great place, however it can be linked with rest and entertainment, unless you set a specific place for studying.


Perhaps the most important thing is having a desk and a chair; it’s important that they are comfortable, so your children can spend enough time to carry out their tasks. Also, have ready the school supplies that will be needed, otherwise their attention span can be interrupted by standing up to look for a pen. 


Being able to focus while having the TV on, receiving text messages or checking social networks can be difficult. Block and remove all these distractions from the study space. Also, try not to interrupt your children while they study.  


Don’t forget to establish clear study rules and times, otherwise your study space will be soon forgotten. Teach your children to make good use of their time and remember that breaks are necessary to keep students motivated to learn.

Hard work and effective study habits are behind every great student, and having a study space at home is important to set a solid foundation. At The Tutoring Center, we can help your children improve in their struggle areas. Our experienced tutors and unique programs will provide our students with the skills they need in school. Think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in Powder Springs.

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