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Summer is the perfect opportunity to assess the school achievement of your children. If their performance wasn’t as you expected, procrastination could be one of the problems. Procrastination is to postpone tasks that demand immediate attention for those that are more pleasant.

There are many reasons why your children are procrastinating - like insecurity, perfectionism or disorganization. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help them and at The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs, we tell you how!

Create a Schedule 

Showing your children how to take advantage of time is important; help them to create a daily schedule - use a calendar or daily planner. Keep in mind how much time your children need to finish an activity and provide all the school supplies they need. Remember this guide to create a study schedule.

Divide the Task into Chunks

Lack of organization is a big part of procrastination. If the task looks too big, your children will tend to avoid it. Dividing the task into manageable parts will help your children to create a work plan; don’t forget to award their progress.


Your children will need a break from their school responsibilities. Remember that their attention span is limited and they need time to rest. Make sure to include short breaks in your schedule.  


Summer tutoring is great idea to work on the academic weaknesses of your children. Plus, it will help them to review the school material from last year. That way, they will step into the classroom filled with confidence.  

These simple ideas will help your children to develop great study habits and prevent them from falling behind in school.

The Tutoring Center has academic programs that will provide to your children the abilities that are demanded in the classroom. Think about us, if you are currently looking for tutoring in Powder Springs.

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