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If your children have problems staying alert or awake during the day, are irritable or need long naps to feel rested, it’s likely that their sleep quality is poor. It’s no secret that sleep plays a crucial role in your children’s development and allows them to have enough energy to fulfill their chores, and not to mention its cognitive and growth benefits. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs, we created the following post containing useful advice on improving your children’s sleep habits. 


Having a regular sleep/wake schedule is the first step towards a good night’s sleep. Remember that sleeping in during the weekend may seem like a good idea to recover, however it will mix-up the internal clock, plus it’s related to shallow sleep.

Diet & Exercise

Poor stress management is one of the main reasons for sleep problems, and regular exercise is the perfect way to handle it, plus it will help your children sleep better. Keep in mind that a light snack is recommended before bedtime, as hunger can disturb sleep, just remember to stay away from greasy and sugary foods. 


Your children’s room should fulfill certain requirements for a good night’s sleep. Check the mattress condition and provide your children with enough pillows and blankets. Also, set the temperature to around 67 degrees. Remember that the room should be completely dark and avoid making any loud noise after bedtime. 

Having trouble to getting out of bed is relatively normal and can happen every now and then, however feeling exhausted during the day is a problem that can get in the way of the academic performance of your children. Also, be sure to read our guide on creating a study schedule, so your children organize their day and get enough sleep. 

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