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Tips to Make Homework Time a Breeze

It's no secret that homework is detested by most students, but that doesn't change the fact that it must get done. If your child puts up a resistance to doing their homework or if they struggle to get through it efficiently, these tips may help.

Use a Day Planner

A day planner is a great investment for students and professionals alike. If your child often forgets what they were assigned for homework or even forgets about upcoming exams, a day planner can eliminate these issues once and for all. Get your child in the habit of writing down their homework assignments in their day planner so that they never miss an assignment again. Ensure that they also write down important dates, such as test dates and project deadlines, so that these are no longer a mystery.

Create an After School Schedule

Now that your child has their assignments written down, it's time to focus on creating an after-school schedule that gives them plenty of time to complete their homework and to relax. Create an after-school routine that will help them be more productive and remember to have them complete their homework earlier in the day rather than later. This will ensure they can get it out of the way and have a more relaxing evening. This is also a great way to prevent the stress that is brought on by leaving homework until right before bedtime.

Create To-Do Lists

If your child has a hard time staying on task, a to-do list can help them stay focused and productive. Have your child write a to-do list of all the assignments and chores they must get done that day. This visual representation of all their tasks can be very helpful and can actually help them stay focused. Have them cross off items as they complete them so that they can see their progress.

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