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How to Set SMART Goals

Learning to set goals is an important part of life that keeps us on the right track towards success. To help your child develop this habit, introduce them to SMART goal setting. To learn more about what a SMART goal is, keep reading.

Specific Goals

Setting a goal requires a bit of thought because all goals should stick to certain requirements. The first requirement is ensuring the goal is specific. For example, teach your child that instead of deciding they want a good grade in English, they should focus on a goal like getting an A in English. This will mean they have something specific to focus on, giving them a bit more motivation to work towards it.

Measurable Goals

Another way to keep your child motivated is by ensuring their goals are measurable. This means that as your child works to achieve their long-term goal, they should be able to see the progress they're making. As they meet short-term goals and deadlines, they'll see the gains they're making, helping them see that they are indeed getting closer to achieving their main goal.

Attainable Goals

The thing with goals is that they shouldn't be so easy that they don't push your child to do their best but they also shouldn't be so difficult to reach that they they are actually impossible to accomplish. If your child's goal is impossible, they won't feel motivated and will actually feel like a letdown. Help them find the perfect goal that will push them beyond their limits but is still possible.

Relevant Goals

If your child's goals aren't relevant or important to them, they likely won't care if they accomplish them or not. Be sure that whatever your child decides they're going to work towards, it'll worth their time. This will drive them forward and keep them accountable.

Timely Goals

Finally, all goals should have a deadline or a date by when your child wants to accomplish them. Not only will this work as a motivating factor, it can also help your child develop a plan or timeline that will help them stay on track. This timeline can include short-term goals that will ensure they're on the right path.

Tutoring in Powder Springs GA

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