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These School Year Routines Can Lead Your Child to Success

Starting off the new school year after summer break can be a bit of a struggle for parents and students alike. One of the easiest ways to help your child get back into the groove of things is by returning to old routines that helped them stay on track. If you're not sure what routines may help, here are just a few you can try.

Morning Routine

Most of us, students or not, tend to have a morning routine that gets us ready for the day. Help your child give their mornings some structure by setting a wakeup time for them. Your child should have enough time to get up, shower, get dressed, do their hair, eat a healthy breakfast, brush their teeth, and get out the door without feeling rushed. To make mornings even easier, help your child pack up their backpack and lunchbox the night before so that they don't even have to think about these tasks in the morning.

Bedtime Routine

The most important thing to consider when setting up your child's bedtime routine is how much sleep they need to get each night. Choose a reasonable bedtime that will ensure they get the proper amount of sleep every night so that they can stay focused and alert in class. Remember that interaction with screens, like smartphones and tablets, can make falling asleep harder, so make them off limits an hour before bedtime. Encourage your child to perform activities that are calming so that they have an easier time falling asleep, like reading or doing some stretches.

After School Routine

After a long day of classes, your child probably doesn't feel like doing homework, and that's ok. Instead of immediately forcing your child to sit down and do homework, plan some after school activities that can help them settle into doing their homework after a bit. Figure out what your child needs to become more productive. For example, maybe your child needs a nap and a healthy snack so that they can concentrate on their homework. Find what works best for them and plan your routine around it.

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