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The SAT is a standardized college admissions exam, used by over 2,000 universities within the United States. Approximately 2 million students took the test last year alone. Getting a great score on the SAT can lead to being accepted in the college of your choice, getting financial aid, and if the score is really great, even getting a scholarship. It is no wonder then, that the test causes quite a lot of stress for college bound high school students. It is with this stress in mind, that The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs would like to share some easy tips with you regarding the exam, what to remember while taking it, and to offer our SAT Prep services!

Reading Section

Ensure that you have read the reading selection thoroughly before attempting to answer the questions. The multiple choice answers will be worded in a way that you could easily answer incorrectly should you choose to just skim the section. 

Writing Section

- Pick the clearest and most concise answer. Keep in mind that there may be some answers which are partially correct, but there will be one that is entirely correct. This is the one to choose. 
- While responding to the writing prompt, be sure to read the prompt completely and make sure you understand it. Use a 5 paragraph essay method to organize your thoughts. Include an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In the introduction remember to answer the prompt briefly and briefly list evidence. In the 3 body paragraphs you will expand, and in the conclusion you will essentially repeat what you stated in the introduction. 

Math Section

- Unlike the reading section, the math section does not have a penalty for answering a question incorrectly. Therefore it is better that you guess, if you are unsure, in this section. You will not be penalized for a wrong answer, but will be given points for a correct one. There is always the possibility, even if you are not sure, that you will get it correct and receive points. 
- This section goes from easier to more difficult equations. Keep this in mind as you are starting this section. Spend less time on the problems in the beginning to save time for those that are harder, which come later. You don’t want to run out of time and leave answers blank. 

General Tips

- On some sections you’ll be able to use a calculator. Throughout the entire test you’ll need at least two number 2 pencils, and you’ll more than likely be required to have a picture ID by the testing center. 
- The night before, be sure to get a good night of sleep. Wake up to a great breakfast before leaving to take the exam. 
- As there is a break in the middle, be sure to bring a healthy, energy/protein filled snack for this time. Relax, and then get back in there to finish well. 

Remember that the test should first be taken at the beginning of Junior year. If you take the test once and are happy with your score, congratulations. If you think you can improve the score, and would like some extra help to ensure this happens, know that our SAT Prep Workshop at The Tutoring Center can help you understand the test better, strategies for answering the questions well and quickly, as well as other helpful pieces of information. Give us a call today to schedule your assessment and for tutoring in Powder Springs, (770) 222-7133.


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