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How Children Should Prepare for Tutoring in Powder Springs

To get the most out of your hired tutor, you will need to do some preparation work. Here are some things your child should do before the first tutoring session.

Child Should Bring Challenging Work

If your child is struggling with a specific topic, she should bring that material to the tutoring session. If there is a major assignment or test that she needs to prepare for, she should bring outlines of what help she needs. A tutoring session should not be a place for your child to do homework unless she needs help with it. Instead, it should be a time devoted to improving in problematic areas or getting ahead as defined by your mutual goals and expectations.

Get to Know the Tutor

Your child needs to communicate so that the tutor can learn more about her personality, making it easier for the tutor to work with her. Have her write down her likes and dislikes, from school subjects to teachers to extra-curricular activities. Your child should let the tutor know what her current and future goals are. What does she want to study in college? What are her career goals? Even young kids have opinions on these matters. The more a tutor knows about the student, the better the tutor can help.

Be Organized

Make sure your child keeps an organized notebook for tutoring sessions. Lost or misplaced materials only waste time and resources. Bring any materials pertinent to the tutoring session and ensure that they are easily accessible.

Stay Nourished

Your child should always eat before a tutoring session. There is nothing more distracting than a growling stomach when trying to learn. Being satiated improved focus and concentration.

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