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Tips to Prepare for a Parent-Teacher Conference

Meeting with your child's teacher is standard practice at the beginning of each school year. This important meeting gives you the chance to learn about what your child will be doing, the teacher's expectations, and your child's performance. While you may think it's good enough to just show up on time, you're better off preparing for your meeting.

Prepare Your Questions

First of all, prepare some questions to ask the teacher during the conference. You may already have questions but you just haven't written them down. It's best to keep them in a written list so that the day of your conference you can refer to this list and not forget any of your questions. You may suddenly think of something at any point in the day, so make sure to write these things down as you think of them.

Stay on Topic

On the day of your conference, show up early so that you don't lose any time. Since teachers don't have tons of time, you'll want to be sure you get as much time with them as possible. As you settle in, be sure to keep your conversation on topic and focused on the questions and concerns you have about your child's performance, the teacher's expectations, and the lessons your child will be learning. Avoid complaining to the teacher about school or district policies since they really have no control over these.

Be Ready to Listen to the Teacher

While at the conference, remember that it isn't all about your questions. The teacher may also have some important information to share and even some questions of their own. Do your best to listen to the teacher attentively and even take notes if needed. The information they are sharing with you is important, so be a good listener.

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