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Tips for a Productive Summer

During summer break, many students will be tempted to spend their time zoning out online. While this may not sound so bad to your child, it won't be productive at all. Encourage your child to use their summer break to achieve new things with the following tips.

Set Summer Goals

It's never a bad idea to set new goals. Encourage your child to use the summer to achieve those things they've always wanted to do. Help them create SMART goals that you can check on periodically. It's a good idea to set your own goals as well so that your child doesn't feel like they're doing this on their own.

Finish Summer Homework

For many students, the summer break means completing some summer assignments. Remind your child that the sooner they get this all done, the faster they can enjoy their summer break without having homework constantly on the back of their mind. Check in on their progress and encourage them to get it done in a timely manner.

Get Ready for College

For students planning to apply to college this year, the summer is a great time to get it all in order. Your child can use the summer to study for the SAT, look up entrance requirements for their dream schools, and even start applying for scholarships. Have them use their extra free time during their break so that they aren't so stressed by college this upcoming school year.

Academic Tutoring in Powder Springs GA

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