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Involved Parents Raise Better Students

It is very important to be involved in your child's education, and not just as a passive participant at parent-teacher meetings. Here are some steps you can take that are proven to improve your child's performance in school.

Beat the Clock

Play "Beat the Clock" when doing homework. Look over the assignment with your child and determine how long it should take. Give it a little bit longer and set a timer. Your child will show great satisfaction upon completing in time.

Report Cards

Report cards should not be the only measures of progress you have for your children. Engage with the school teachers and administrators before problems arise. Always focus on the positive, even with bad report cards, and discuss how things can be improved. Encouragement goes further than punishment.

Responsible Living

If your child leaves things around without putting them up, instill discipline with a "black hole," a locked closet where you put things that are not where they should be. If a favorite toy or something your child needs is locked away for 24 hours, it will help remind her to put her things away. Have the whole family participate.

Read with Your Child

You should read to your child as often as possible. The more you time you spend reading, the more your child is encouraged to read. Implement DEAR times- Drop Everything And Read- when everyone in the family sits and reads quietly for an uninterrupted period.

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