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"When" we study can have a huge impact on how much we learn and as a result, how well we do on our tests. For this reason, the following post will share a few tips so you can identify what is the best time to study for you (whether it’s daytime or nighttime).

How to Find the Best Time to Study


While math may seem like a complicated subject to some students, the key to becoming better at it is understanding its logic and practicing as much as possible. If you'd like to ensure that your child has enough math practice at home, follow the tips mentioned below.

How to Practice Math at Home



How Children Should Prepare for Tutoring in Powder Springs

To get the most out of your hired tutor, you will need to do some preparation work. Here are some things your child should do before the first tutoring session.

Child Should Bring Challenging Work

If your child is struggling with a...

Tech Terms to Teach Your Child

We are living in a digital age, and it is likely that your child is teaching you these vocabulary words already. In case she is not, here is a list of technology terms your child should know to introduce her for the world of computers.
  • Browser - A program used to...

Help Your Child Have Their Best Presentation Yet

It's no secret that most students aren't fond of class presentations because they involve some form of public speaking. If your child has a presentation coming up that they need help preparing for, teach them these simple tips.

Focus on the Visual...


Science Help: Glossary of Terms

Preparing your child for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) world that will face them as adults does not need to be a challenge. Here are a few terms your child should know. Test your children yourself and ask for examples where...

Encouraging Your Child to Read

A child who loves reading will read more, so the key is to ignite and nurture that flame. Teach your child that reading is an enjoyable experience. Ideally, you will start when the child is still an infant, but if you are getting a late start on your school-age...

Avoiding the Winter Break Slide

We all remember how much fun winter break was- sleeping in, playing in the snow, spending hours with TV and video games while the parents were at work. While a bit of play over the break is fine, it is important to not overdo it. Here are a few tips and activities...

Tips for Acing Multiple-Choice Tests

As mid-terms approach, it is time to brush up on test-taking strategies. Here are a few tips to help you ace your multiple-choice section.

Create Your Own Answer

Before reading any of the options you have, formulate your own answer to the question. Having an...

Involved Parents Raise Better Students

It is very important to be involved in your child's education, and not just as a passive participant at parent-teacher meetings. Here are some steps you can take that are proven to improve your child's performance in school.

Beat the Clock

Play "Beat the...


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