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Brain Food for Students

If you're looking for different ways to boost your child's academic performance, don't forget to pay attention to their diet. While studying and getting plenty of sleep will be very helpful, what your child eats can also affect their academics. Not sure what to feed your...

Help Your Child Conquer Standardized Tests

For the great majority of students in the United States, there is no escaping standardized tests. Whether they're used to measure your child's academic growth or part of entrance requirements for universities, your child will most likely come across...

How to Develop Better Study Skills

If your child doesn't perform as well as you know they can when it comes to tests, they may just need help developing their study skills. To help them strengthen these skills, check out these simple tips.

Don't Wait Until the Last Minute

Students who wait until...

How to Find an Effective Tutor

If your child is struggling to keep up in class, you're probably considering enrolling them in tutoring. While this is a great idea, you also have to be sure that your child's tutor can get the job done. To ensure your child gets the help they need, look for the...

Learn to Identify Your Child's Learning Distractions

An inability to concentrate can lead to more issues than simply wasting study time. In fact, students who struggle to concentrate may even suffer from low self-esteem and feelings of failure. To help your child overcome their concentration...

Reading Components to Practice With Your Child

In order for your child to be a skilled reader, they will need to put together a number of reading components successfully. To help your child become a great reader be sure they're able to master all of these skills.

Start With Phonics


Develop a Healthy Sleep Routine for Your Child

Sleep is an important part of a child's academic success. To help your child do their absolute best in school, use these tips to get them to bed on time every night.

Why Sleep Matters for Students

Sleep is highly important for students of all ages....

Could Your Couch Use a Break?

When it comes time for the summer weather it can be hard to keep your youngster still long enough to feed them, let alone play a game! As soon as the temperatures start to dip, however, it is a different story, with your children seemingly glued to the couch. If you...

A Great Family Game With a Learning Twist

If there is one game which the majority of families own it's Monopoly. And while you may have a love/hate relationship with the game, there is no denying that it is a great way to keep the family entertained (whether it's through excited yelling or...

Help Your Student Develop Better Oral Reading Skills

For your child to be a great reader they need to develop a set of reading skills that all work together. One of the skills they must master is their oral reading fluency, or their ability to read fluently. To help them develop these skills,...


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