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The beginning of the school year brings possibilities, possibilities to learn, make friends, and prosper. Unfortunately there is also the possibility that your child will experience the torment of being bullied. It is a long standing problem in our school system, one that does not seem to be...
If you have noticed that your child is stressed out or made anxious easily, while it is possible that he or she has a more serious anxiety disorder, it is also possible that there are some at home remedies you can use to help ease or cure the issue altogether. Try initiating these SEVEN steps at...
We are in the middle of summer and things are looking amazing for your children: outdoor activities, sleeping in and many other things that make this vacation great . But not so fast, lack of engagement in academic activities during summer can lead to learning loss, which can impair the reading...
Summer is the perfect opportunity to assess the school achievement of your children. If their performance wasn’t as you expected, procrastination could be one of the problems. Procrastination is to postpone tasks that demand immediate attention for those that are more pleasant.

There are many...
Summer is finally here and it’s the chance to assess the academic achievement of your children. Either if they are falling behind their class or they are doing good at school, there is always a way that to improve their study abilities.  

Having a study schedule can help your children to...
Having clean, clear, and organized notes can really improve your grades significantly since you won’t have to waste precious study time wondering where everything is or what you meant when you wrote that!

If you’re having a little bit of trouble in the note-taking department, The Tutoring Center...
There are many reasons why teachers assign homework; it helps your children review the class material, it gives them academic discipline and it motivates to research more about a subject. In other words: it develops your children’s responsibility, and it helps them succeed in school.

To accomplish...


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