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Punctuation to Help Your Composition

Here are a few more punctuation rules to help you write correctly.

How to Use Semicolons

A semicolon is a period atop a comma for a reason- they are just short of a full stop. Use a semicolon to connect two complete sentences you want to join together. "I ate...

Help with Composition: Punctuation

Be sure to follow these rules of punctuation on your next writing assignment.

Question Marks

Only use question marks at the end of direct questions, replacing the period. Do not write: "I'm asking if you will go to the dance with me?" You generally do not use...

Math Concepts You Cannot Ignore

Some math concepts can be quite confusing and complicated. Here are some of the most important concepts you should know.

Set Theory

A set is a group of objects, called elements. You can have sets of tangible items- shoes, movies, jewelry- or intangible things-...

Algebra Help: Multiplying Matrices

A matrix is a multi-dimensional group of numbers displayed as a rectangle instead of as a list, or vector. For example,  is a matrix. If you have two matrices and want to multiply them together, you will end up with one answer matrix. To get there, you cannot...

Infinitives: To Split or Not to Split

We've all heard the rule: Don't split infinitives! Yet we find many great writers that ignore the rule. What does splitting an infinitive mean and should you avoid it as a writer? Here is some interesting insight on the topic.

Split Infinitive- The Definition


Becoming a Critical Thinker

With all the information available to us at our fingertips, it is ever more crucial that we think critically about what we hear, see, and read. It can be hard sometimes to distinguish between fact and hyperbole, so developing critical thinking skills is very important....
Each child is different, therefore each one learns in a different way. What's more, this also means that in order to retain information better, they should use different tactics depending on the learning style they have.  For this reason, this post will go over a few mnemonic devices that you can...

Begin, Go forward, Change, Repeat

Whether your child is a seasoned pro or a newbie to the process of grade progression, change can be new and exciting, even a little scary. Check out these tips from The Tutoring Center of Powder Springs to make your child’s transition from summer...
When it comes to teenagers applying for summer jobs, parents have a lot of knowledge and experience that can really give them an advantage. In this post, The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs has some ideas on discussion points about summer jobs for parents and their teenagers.

Keep it casual.

Everything in excess is bad, and this applies to television too. Not setting limits for your child regarding the TV can keep them from enjoying other activities that could be more beneficial to them. With this in mind, this post will go over some tips you can follow to manage your child’s...


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