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Notebooks are an important part of your student life because that’s where you keep your most fundamental study material, your notes. If you don’t want them to become messy and disorderly, and to make sure they can serve their purpose of helping you study, follow these tips The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs has for you.

How to Keep an Organized Notebook

1. Have a notebook and a folder for each subject. You can even color-coordinate them to keep everything even more organized.

2. Now that you have a notebook for each subject, keep them separate. Don’t mix your notes or you will struggle to find them later.

3. Put your name, grade and subject on the cover of each notebook so it can find its way back to you if it gets lost. 

4. Write the date and the lesson’s title on each page so you don’t have to waste time looking for your notes when you have to study.

5. Take good, organized, clean, comprehensible notes. If you need a bit of help with this, follow our guide.

6. Use bookmarks and sticky notes to make reminders and important information stand out.

7. Do your best to keep your notebook clean. Avoid doodling or making a lot of mistakes so you don’t get distracted or stressed when you study.

8. Keep your notebook in one piece. Avoid ripping pages off or keeping loose papers in it (that’s what your folders are for!).

9. Create an index by numbering each page in your notebook and writing down a list  at the back with which you can specify where exactly the content of each lesson is.

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