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Easy Tips for Online Tests

For many students, taking tests online may now be the new normal. Even so, many of these students may not have much if any experience taking a test online while at home. To make this less of a struggle, teach your child these tips.

Find a Spot

First off, your child will need to find a good place to set up for their test. Some key things their test-taking spot should have include: a desk and chair, good wi-fi, and quiet. Help your child find the perfect place to set up where they won't get distracted by foot traffic, the television, or even their cellphone. If they need to, help them move a desk into their chosen space so that they have a comfortable space that is conducive to productivity.

Gather the Necessary Materials

Next, have your child gather all the items they will need for their test. They should grab everything they need, including things like a laptop, notebook paper, a pencil, a calculator, and even water. Having all of the items they need at their desk means they won't have to get up at all during the test. This will reduce the chances of them getting distracted when they get up to look for something.

Stay Focused

Finally, find ways to keep your child focused during the test. Taking a test at home can be a challenge because the atmosphere isn't the same as in a classroom, so find ways to make it feel more like that. Remind everyone at home that your child is taking a test so no one distracts them or gets noisy during the test hours. It can also help to keep a timer so they know how much time is left.

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