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How to Know If Your Child Is Suffering from Academic Burnout

Academic burnout is most often experienced by students in higher grade levels who have taken on advanced classes and a lot of extracurricular activities and responsibilities. This post can help you get to know the signs of burnout and some steps you can take to combat it.

What Is It?

Academic burnout refers to the exhaustion some students experience while trying to keep up with all of their responsibilities. This exhaustion can present itself as emotional, physical, or mental exhaustion or a combination of all three. While it's generally experienced by students who have taken on too much and are struggling to keep up with their daily lives, this inability to maintain healthy habits can make it even worse. If your child has so much homework that they are no longer able to get enough sleep each night, this will all contribute to them becoming exhausted.

What Are the Signs?

Signs that your child is suffering from academic exhaustion can present themselves in a number of ways. First off, if your child is not getting enough sleep every night, if they are skipping meals, or if they no longer participate in physical activities, these can all indicate there is an issue. As things become more overwhelming, your child may constantly be fatigued and may even have a hard time getting anything done. This can be caused by an inability to focus or by physical illness brought on by their exhaustion. If your child is having trouble performing at their usual level or if they suddenly show no interest in studying, these can also be indicators of burnout.

How to Overcome It

Burnout can be overcome through a series of simple actions that can make a big difference. Start by sitting down with your child and deciding what activities they can let go of for the time being. This will help lighten their workload and give them some time to relax and recharge. Ensure your child is getting plenty of rest, eating healthy meals, and getting some outdoor time. If necessary, sign them up for after school tutoring where they can develop better time management skills and study skills that will help make their academics easier to handle.

Tutoring in Powder Springs GA

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