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Dear diary, today we at The Tutoring Center would like to offer our readers some information on why keeping a journal can make their child happier and even perform better at school. We hope they’ll find it interesting!

Journals help develop your child’s fine motor skills

If you have a young child, getting them to keep a journal is a great way to get them practising using a pen and paper and developing their motor skills. Writing legibly is an important skill to learn, so it’s always good to have opportunities to practice!

They provide an emotional outlet

It’s inevitable that your child will experience some negative emotions throughout their life. This is totally natural, but it is important that they learn to deal with any negative feelings in an appropriate manner. Journals provide an opportunity for your child to reflect on their emotions and work through them rather than bottling them up. There are a number of other ways you can help your child deal with these negative emotions; make sure to read our guide to reducing stress and anxiety in children for more tips.

They help your child develop a good memory

Writing in detail about their feelings and experiences cements these in your child’s mind, which not only provides them with beautiful memories to look back on, but has also been indicated to be beneficial to their overall memory function. This is a very useful skill to develop for both your child’s academic and everyday life.

They’re fun!

Last but definitely not least; your child will love keeping a journal! If you offer them lots of craft materials (colored paper, stickers, paints, etc.) they will relish the opportunity to decorate it and generally make a terrible mess. You can join in at journal time to turn it into a fun bonding exercise, too.

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