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Could Your Couch Use a Break?

When it comes time for the summer weather it can be hard to keep your youngster still long enough to feed them, let alone play a game! As soon as the temperatures start to dip, however, it is a different story, with your children seemingly glued to the couch. If you want to engage their brain in a fun and edcuational indoor activity, The Tutoring Center, Powder Springs GA has the following post for you.

Paint By Math

Can you remember when your walls didn't still have that slight stain on them when the light is right? While it may be a small concesion, your child's interest in art can be a great way to teach them math.
  • What you'll need.
  • A regular paint-by-numbers set
  • A clean working space
  • Patience
When choosing the set, let your youngster choose one which appeals to their interests. Once they have chosen a few, look for one which they can reasonably and cleanly complete but one which also has a good range of numbers.
  • Once you are home and set up, instead of painting all of the same color or working your way through the numbers sequentially, use the following:
  • Start by painting all of the prime numbers
  • Paint the numbers in a multiplication sequence
  • Paint the answers to basic math questions
By using the above your child is both enjoy the activity of painting while also keeping their basic math skills sharp.

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