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How to Ensure Your Child Is Safe Online

The internet is a great tool that all students may need to complete their homework. At the same time, many parents may worry about what their child gets up to while online. If you're worried and want to stay in the know, use these tips.

Know What They're Searching

Knowing what your child is searching for online or where they spend their time while connected to the WiFi can help you feel more at ease. With your younger ones, this may be easier because they may have to ask for help finding what they want. With older children, this can be trickier. The best thing you can do is talk to them about the apps they use and who they're connecting with on these apps.

Set Limits for Their Internet Use

Setting limits when it comes to internet use can make you feel at ease. For younger children, parental controls will help you set limits to what they can access on their tablet or laptop. It's also important that you set time limits for their internet use. Be sure they balance their screen time with some outdoor playtime so that they get moving.

Talk About Safety

Finally, don't be afraid to sit down with your child and talk about internet safety. Remind them not to share personal information with anyone online and help them spot unsafe pages so that they don't end up downloading harmful files.

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