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Tips for Better Handwriting

Whether your child is just learning to write or simply has trouble keeping their handwriting neat, there are definitely easy ways to tidy up their writing. To help your child improve their penmanship, check out these tips.

Slow Down When Writing

It's not uncommon for messy handwriting to be the result of rushed work. Many students try to speed through their work in order to have more play time or just to finish faster. If this is the case with your child, simply having them slow down as they work can prove to make a huge difference. As they slow down, they can concentrate on forming proper letters instead of just chicken scratch.

Work on the Perfect Grip

Students who are just learning to write may struggle with finding the most comfortable way to grip their pencil. This can lead them to not gain full control over their pencil, resulting in messier handwriting. Help your child find a way to grip their writing utensil that is comfortable and that allows them to better control their pencil. It's also important that you allow your child to write with the hand that feels most comfortable.

Practice Makes Perfect

Like with anything else in life, making the time to practice this skill will only help your child improve. Younger students can benefit from worksheets where they have to trace letters while older students can benefit from writing practice on basic lined paper.

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