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Learn to Identify Your Child's Learning Distractions

An inability to concentrate can lead to more issues than simply wasting study time. In fact, students who struggle to concentrate may even suffer from low self-esteem and feelings of failure. To help your child overcome their concentration struggles, use these tips.

Internal Learning Distractions

Internal learning distractions are called this because they tend to live inside your child's head. These are often the result of worries, anxiety, and self-doubt clouding their mind. If you notice that your child can't seem to concentrate on their work although there is nothing physically distracting them, sit down and talk to them. Your child may just need an outlet or someone to listen to their concerns. If your child doesn't feel comfortable talking to you about their feelings, look for a professional who can help.

External Learning Distractions

External distractions are easier to identify because their presence and effects are more obvious. These are often tangible objects that cause your child to lose their focus. Some of the most common distractors students deal with are their electronic devices. Whether it's notifications from their cellphone, social media on their laptop, or someone playing video games in the next room, homework often loses out to these electronics. To help your child focus, remove these distractions from their study space. Better yet, turn off these electronics as they study so they don't get distracted by their cellphone pinging in the next room.

Tutoring in Powder Springs GA

It's easy for students to get distracted in all types of settings, especially in the classroom. If your child is struggling to absorb their lessons due to distractions, tutoring in Powder Springs, GA can help them concentrate and retain their lessons better. To learn about the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Powder Springs GA, contact them at (770) 222-7133.


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