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Vocabulary Building Tips for Students

Although vocabulary may not sound like the most important subject for students, it is incredibly important in all areas of life. Through a well-developed vocabulary, we are able to become better communicators and understand the world around us. Help your young child develop a great vocabulary early on with these tips.

Use New Words in Daily Language

No matter how old your child is, it always helps to introduce them to new words during your everyday chats. Prepare yourself with new words they may not know and use them when speaking to your child. They may ask you what the word means or they may be able to decipher it using context clues. Either way, it's a new word in their expanding vocabulary.

Label Things Around the House

If your child is just learning to read, help them develop their reading and vocabulary skills by labeling things around your home. Use sticky notes or even index cards and tape to label different objects around your home, like the windows, doors, furniture, and appliances.

Make Reading a Daily Activity

One of the best ways to expose your child to new words is by having them read. Give your child the liberty of choosing their reading material as long as they stick to reading daily. As they go through their reading material, they're sure to come across new words at least every so often. Encourage them to look up these words in a dictionary and keep track of them in a notebook. They can also use these words in their daily language and writing so that they don't forget their meaning.

Tutoring in Powder Springs GA

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