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Tips to Help Your Child Take Better Notes

Well taken class notes can be a great resource when it comes to reviewing and preparing for an exam. To ensure your child is taking useful notes, encourage them to use the following techniques.

Work on Your Penmanship

Even if your child takes clear and concise notes, if their handwriting is not legible their notes will not be useful. While their notes don't have be written down in perfect handwriting, your child should at least be able to decipher what it is they wrote. If you notice your child struggles to read their notes at home, have them complete extra handwriting practice or remind them to slow down as they jot down their notes.

Learn to Read Cues

When taking notes in class, it's important that your child understands that they don't have to write down every single thing the teacher says or every single word that appears in a presentation. They should focus on important items and ideas that get the idea across. To help hem accomplish this, they should learn to read cues during a lecture. For example, if their teacher writes a few things on the board, these are likely important items that should be noted. Similarly, if the teacher stops to discuss a point in more detail, it is likely that this is an important point that should be noted.

Label Things Clearly

Keeping notes organised and clearly divided will help when it comes time to study. Encourage your child to label their notes with the date they were written down and a heading that defines the topic discussed. Using dividers in between notes regarding different items will also help keep things sorted. Using resources like bullet point and numbered lists will also help keep things organized and in order.

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